Current Rankings

Rankings System Explained

Weighted Placing Model


Per-Comp Score = base score + k (sum of WPP)


base score: 1st place = 10, 2nd place = 7, 3rd place = 4, no place = 0

k: an arbitrary value to demonstrate the strength of a win or lineup

WPP: weighted placing percentage, or an average of a teams' placings throughout a season. this value is fluid through a season. 1st place = 100%(1.0), 2nd place= 70%(0.7), 3rd place = 40%(0.4), no place = 0. *exclusive competition results are included in WPP, but no per-comp score is given.

sum of WPP: this demonstrates how we equate "strength" of a win. by adding the placing percentages of teams you beat, we can see how strong a placing is.