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Director- Operations

Kuntal is a co-founder and owner of Carolina Indian Arts. He has danced for KPGD, CBS, UNC, & ESA and led his teams to place at 18 competitions. Kuntal has also judged 11 competitions. He is extremely excited about directing Championships of Bhangra 2019

Director- Hospitality

Iftekhar (Iffy) Hassan is a co--founder and owner of Carolina Indian Arts, & co-captain of Khirre Phul Gulab De. He has competed with KPGD, NCSU, PHS, & WSB on the bhangra circuit, and NCSU Nazaare on the fusion circuit. He is extremely excited to direct Championships of Bhangra 2019!


Ruchi has competed with UNC Bhangra Elite, NCDT, and KPGD. She is also an instructor at Carolina Indian Arts. She is excited to host all of the teams coming to compete at Championships of Bhangra!

& Advisory

Sumeet is Sumeet Jindal is one of the co-founders of Carolina Indian Arts and is excited to not only bring a more competitive environment to the circuit, but to also showcase the best teams here in his hometown. He is a co-founder of Khirre Phul Gulab & has had the pleasure of competing on the circuit with multiple teams. 

Marketing & Events

Nikhil started dancing in 2009 and was one of the founding members of Khirre Phul Gulab De. He has also danced with ECU Bhangra, NCSU Bhangra, Gajjde Gabroo and First Class Bhangra. He is excited to help bring the Championships of Bhangra to Raleigh, NC!

Events Lead

Ravin competed on the bhangra circuit with KPGD and UNC Bhangra Elite. He is very excited to host the 10 best teams in his hometown! Ravin is in charge of our social and fundraising events.

Event Ops

Yeshel has been competing with KPGD since 2015 and was previously captain of UNC for 3 years. He has been an instructor for Carolina Indian Arts since 2017 as well. He will be in charge of Hospitality for our competing teams & judges, as well as event operations.

Finance & GenOps

Nishi is a former member of Natya Academy's Gajjdi Jawani and DCBC. After spending a year in Maryland, she has moved back to Raleigh and is excited to be putting on Championships of Bhangra 2019 in her hometown and giving bhangra a more competitive edge!


Anish competed on the fusion circuit with NCSU Nazaare. He is very excited about bringing Championships of Bhangra to North Carolina and looks forward to hosting the best Bhangra dancers on the scene!

Events & Hospitality

Rohit was the captain & coach of NCDT (formerly Gajjdi Jawani) and has taught Bhangra for 9 years. He has also danced with KPGD, UNC, & Gajjde Gabroo. Rohit also helped develop the Learn Bhangra App and is currently Head Ambassador for LBA. He is looking forward to this collaboration between LBA & Championships of Bhangra!


Lindsey is a newcomer to the bhangra dance scene, but has danced with Carolina Indian Arts and UNC Bhangra Elite. Aside from bhangra she loves astronomy, baking, and promoting Indian culture. She is fired up about the Championships of Bhangra 2019 and cannot wait to see the talents of every team!

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